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Transformation for Reformation – September 2017

Thank you team for covering us so faithfully! Brian and I are so excited about the times we're living in. We had an amazing Global Summit in Pasadena, CA with HIM where we heard wonderful stories from around the world of miracle after miracle of ministers being favored in their cities, regions and nations. It is unprecedented. We're seeing the grace of God promote many of our Apostles to the top of the seven mountains. And many are even being given buildings and finances to go with it. Zeph. 3:9 "In the end I will turn things around for the…

He Restores & Replenishes My Life – July 2017

¬†Dear Stairway family,Last month was quite a month for us. Ministry was just awesome! We can't wait for what God has for us this month! He is up to amazing things for you too!You may remember the word I gave at the beginning of this year about the re's. Well I woke up the 1st of July and the Lord started speaking to me about it again and said, "Remember at the first of the year when I said the re's have it! Go read Psalm 23 and apply it there. Here's Psalm 23 in the Passion Translation. The part…

May 2017 – I’m coming to you leaping over your mountains!

Listen I hear my lover's voice. I know it's Him coming to me- leaping with joy over mountains, skipping over the hills that separate us, to come to me ...(Song of Songs 2:8) Dear Stairway family, As we travel we are so thrilled that wherever we go we find people that we a part of Gateway, Facebook friends or someone that we've met along the way. This makes all the traveling so gratifying! We love seeing you all! Keep it up! As we've traveled around the country lately I keep hearing people say that they feel as though they're facing…

Newsletter April 2017 – The Lords Path in the Windstorm

"May your awakening breath blow upon my life until I am fully yours!" SOS 4:16We've just finished up a very busy and amazing month again, but I've been noticing that nearly every time we return home that we have thunderstorms and tornado warnings. I know we live in Kansas, but this has been crazy so I decided to check it out on Google and I found this. They say that this year here in the US there have already been 465 tornados. In January alone there were 131 confirmed, over 3 times the normal average of 35. Maybe that's why…